22:41 09-01-2011
Jordan Summers
Thanks Guys! I appreciate you listing the Dead World series. We definitely have a lot in common when it comes to good reads. You've listed a lot of my favorite authors. All the best!
21:59 09-01-2011
Doranna Durgin
What a great web site. Projects like this have such heart-- I'm so glad to have my Sentinels series listed here!
04:57 28-09-2010
What a lovely website. Thank you for inviting me to visit.
20:02 24-08-2010
Virginia Henley
Thanks so much for listing my book THE DECADENT DUKE. The sequel to this story is called THE IRISH DUKE and was released a couple of months ago in the U.S. Hope it is soon available in Holland.
I have written the third story in this series THE DARK EARL. I believe it will be on sale sometimes next year. Happy Reading!
07:57 12-05-2010
Jessa Slade
Natasja, Marisa, and readers from all over,

Your bookshelves look like mine! I'm always eager to see what other people are reading, just in case I missed something

Maybe someday I can plan a book tour through Europe. What a dream! Meanwhile, thank you so much for including my stories among your virtual bookshelves.

23:04 18-04-2010
saw ur books and some comments on shelfsafari and then ur website address. though i would check it out. u have a nice description of urself and ur reading habbit. am fr southeast PA (near philadelphia) USA. am a sci-fi fantasy lover with some dabbling into urban fantasy like anita blake stuff and books by devon monk and dd barant.
04:32 05-04-2010
Megan Hart
Thanks for including me and best of luck with your site!

23:03 31-12-2009
Beth Williamson
Hi Natasja and Marisa! Nice place - wonderful bookshelves to share. Thanks for inviting me, and for reading my books. Have a wonderful new year!
22:42 27-11-2009
faith hunter
Hi Ladies. This is a beautiful website and I am delighted to be here! Hugs to you both!
Faith Hunter
20:40 16-09-2009
Joey W. Hill
Marisa and Natasja - I'll be repeating more of the same, but I'm truly delighted to be on your bookshelves in such esteemed company, and pleased to meet you through your lovely site. I wish you many happy hours of reading! Glad you included my vampires (grin).
00:48 14-09-2009
Stella Price
Oh I just love you guys! It was super amazing meeting you guys this past year, and you HAVE to come to AAD next year! You will both be missed this year but I have a feeling you will be getting goodies just the same!!! LOve you guys!

11:28 16-08-2009
Hallo :-)
Deze website heb ik gekregen van Lucia St.Clair Robson. Uiteraard ben ik ook een boekenverslaafde en mijn lievelingsboeken zijn stukgelezen. Overal in mijn huis staan kasten met boeken, soms coffeetable books zoals ze dat in Engeland zo mooi noemen, heerlijk om door te bladeren en weg te dromen. Leuk deze website te zien.
Liefs, Maaike
03:42 02-07-2009
Jennifer Donnelly
Dear Natasja and Marisa,
Thank you both so much for including The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose on your lovely website! I really appreciate your support, and I hope your readers enjoy getting to know the Finnegan family.
With best wishes, Jennifer Donnelly
20:25 26-05-2009
HI LADIES... I miss you both
01:22 18-05-2009
C.L. Wilson
Dear Natasja & Marisa,

Thanks so much for including my Tairen Soul series on your bookshelf! I'm currently working on the conclusion to the series, and I hope you will enjoy it!

C.L. Wilson
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