01:28 16-05-2009
Gaelen Foley
Dear Natasja, Marisa, and Readers,

Just wanted to leave a quick note to say HELLO and thank you for including my Regency historical romances in your wonderful website.
There's more to come this summer--hope you'll look for My Wicked Marquess in July!

Best wishes from across the Atlantic ~

Gaelen Foley
14:02 15-05-2009
Jessica Andersen
Hey ladies!

Thanks for including the Nightkeepers and me in your lovely website. And in such great company! (Waves to the other authors in this guestbook.)

Keep up the great work, and I hope you and your visitors find some wonderful books through this website.

Jessica Andersen
20:24 01-05-2009
Victoria Dahl
Thanks for including me on your bookshelf!
22:41 22-04-2009
JoAnn Ross
Oh, wow, what a beautiful and fun website! What a LOT of work you've put into it!

I was delighted to see my Callahan Brothers among such super company on your shelves. Those stories were among my personal favorites and I did so enjoy passing a good time in the Louisiana bayou with those boys while writing the trilogy!

Oh, and coincidentally, Marisa is my granddaughter's name -- small world, isn't it?


17:51 20-04-2009
Kathleen Givens
What a lovely website! Thanks for including some of my books. Best of luck to you!
23:30 17-04-2009
Gordon Andrews
Hey guys, got the email and we are honored to be on your author list.
Sorry I should explain that I am Ilona Andrews' husband and writing partner. Your site is great. Thanks for including us.
04:41 17-04-2009
Naomi Bellis

You have a very beautiful website! Thank you so much for including my book!

Naomi Bellis
19:58 12-04-2009
Nicole Jordan
Lovely site for promoting romance novels! And I'm delighted you like my books!

Nicole Jordan
19:45 12-04-2009
Kathleen Morgan
Hi, Natasja and Marisa!
Thanks so much for including me and my books on your lovely website. It's such an honor--and also a thrill to be internationally known! I've had the pleasure of visiting the Netherlands several times while stationed in Germany in the US Army, and have visited Delft, Amsterdam, and Maarken on the Zuidersee. You have a beautiful land, and I hope to visit it again.
Kathleen Morgan
23:13 06-04-2009
Kathleen Kirkwood
Hello Natasja and Marisa,
What a gorgeous and utterly fantastic website! Truly it is a labor of love and wonderful gift to readers everywhere. Thank you so much for including my own works on your shelves. It is an honor and delight to be here. Best wishes for great success for all the years to come,
Kathleen Kirkwod
(a.k.a. Anita Gordon)
17:28 04-04-2009
Joy Nash
Hi Natasja and Marisa,
What a pretty website! I love the book and rose graphic. It's so nice to know that readers in the Netherlands love to read romance novels. Reading and writing romance is my passion as well.
Joy Nash
16:06 04-04-2009
Deborah Simmons
What a gorgeous site! Thank you for including my work. I am very grateful for the support of readers throughout the world and wish you all the best.
Deborah Simmons
20:24 03-04-2009
Julie Garwood
Thank you, Natasja and Marisa, for sharing your amazing site. You've created a beautiful place for romance lovers to gather. Congratulations.
Julie Garwood
21:00 02-04-2009
Julie Anne Long
Dear Natasja and Marisa--what a delightful website you have! I very much enjoyed my visit. It's an honor and a pleasure to find my books included here among some of my other favorite authors. One of the biggest thrills for me as an author has been making friends in countries all over the world. Thanks for brightening my day, and here's to all the romance lovers the world over!

All my best,

Julie Anne Long
07:12 02-04-2009
Lucia S. Robson
Dear Natasja and Marisa,
What a beautiful site! I'm honored to find my books included on your books shelf. And the information you included is quite correct, at least the English. Alas, I can't read Dutch.
Thank you for doing such a thorough and artistic job.
Lucia St. Clair Robson
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