18:20 31-03-2009
Kerrelyn Sparks
Hi Natasja and Marisa! Beautiful website! Your love for books shines through. Thank you for including me and so many other authors, and for sharing the love.
Huge cyber hugs to you both!
15:57 31-03-2009
Melissa Mayhue
What a lovely website! Thank you so much for contacting me with the link. I'm absolutely thrilled that you've chosen to include my books on your site! I'm sure many, many readers will enjoy your site!

~ Melissa
04:52 31-03-2009
Elizabeth Hoyt
What a lovely site, Natasja and Marisa! Thank you for including me and my books.

Elizabeth Hoyt
03:33 31-03-2009
Juliet Marillier
Nice forum, ladies! I'm delighted to be included on your list of authors. I love the romantic design of the page.

all best wishes

Juliet Marillier
00:30 31-03-2009
Karen Chance
Dear Marisa and Natasja,

Thanks for including me! Lovely site, and I wish you well with it.

All Best,

Karen Chance
22:53 30-03-2009
Jenna Petersen
Hi Marisa and Natasja! Thanks so much for including me in your list of authors. Happy Reading
-- Jenna Petersen
20:23 30-03-2009
Elizabeth Amber
Hello Marisa and Natasja! Thanks for including me in your author list. This is so cool. My husband would love to visit Germany again. He went to East Berlin when the wall was still up (before he met me). We were in France and Italy about two years ago, but we didn't make it there. On that trip, I was checking out locations for The Lords of Satyr series. I looked around the Île de la Cité and the Île Saint-Louis, which I used in Lyon, The Lords of Satyr; went to the Rialto Bridge in Venice, a location I used in Raine, The Lords of Satyr; and I visited various vineyards in Tuscany to help me write the series. I'd love to come back and see Germany as well, too. There's so much history in Europe and so much beautiful architecture. Have a good day week, ladies!
~ Elizabeth Amber
19:51 30-03-2009
Amelia Grey
Lovely site you ladies have built. Thank you for including me!
Amelia Grey
18:11 30-03-2009
Allison Chase
Hi Natasja and Marisa! Your website is beautiful and I'm very excited to be included in your list of authors! Thank you so much!
17:29 30-03-2009
Renee Bernard
What a thrill to meet other book addicts (and feel less guilty about my own stacks around the house!) It's a beautiful website and I'm honored to be included on your list of authors! Thank you!

Warmest regards,
16:22 30-03-2009
Nickie Fleming
Beste dames,

Ik vind het erg leuk dat jullie mijn boek(en) ook op de plank hebben!
16:05 30-03-2009
Virginia Kantra
What a lovely website! Thanks for including me on your list of authors and on your bookshelves.
Your fellow booklover,
14:52 30-03-2009
Toni Blake
Ladies, thanks so much for including me on your bookshelf! Best of luck with your site - it looks great! What a fun undertaking! Thanks again, and happy reading!
14:30 30-03-2009
Donna Grant
Hi, Natasja & Marisa!

Love the website! Thank you for sending me the link and including me in the list of authors.

Meeting other book addicts is always such a thrill.

Donna Grant
02:42 30-03-2009
Annette Blair
You have a lovely site, Natasja & Marisa. Congratulations. Thank you for including me.
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