01:10 30-03-2009
LuAnn McLane
Hi Natasja and Marisa! Thanks for including me on your bookshelf. You have a very pretty website and I loved the quote about having books piled to the ceiling! Ha Ha!
01:10 30-03-2009
Kate Douglas
Hello! I love your website--thank you so much for sending me the link. :-) I love hearing from readers in other parts of the world--I'm actually on a road trip right now, meeting readers throughout the US Southwest, but it's always exciting to find websites like yours. I am such a book addict--it's comforting to know I'm not alone!
Kate Douglas/Wolf Tales
01:02 30-03-2009
Isolde Martyn
Greetings, Natasja and Marisa,
Your website is beautiful and charming and I hope it will be a tremendous success and a wonderful asset for readers in Europe and worldwide. I feel very honoured to be mentioned.
Good luck with Romantic Book Square!
Isolde Martyn
00:58 30-03-2009
Alexandra Benedict
Greetings Natasja and Marisa,

Thank you for including me on your website. Happy reading!

Alexandra Benedict
23:49 29-03-2009
Liz Carlyle
Hello, Marisa and Natasja. Thanks for helping readers connect with great books -- and in two languages! I appreciate being a part of it. Best wishes.
23:34 29-03-2009
Bella Andre
Great new site! Thanks for including me.
Best wishes,
Bella Andre

WILD HEAT - April 28, 2009
23:33 29-03-2009
Shana Galen
Hi Natasja and Marisa! Thank you so much for adding my books. I hope your readers enjoy them!
22:25 29-03-2009
Susan Goggins
Hello Natasja and Marisa! What a lovely web site! Thank you for introducing me to it and for including me and my books! I look forward to visiting your site often as I love all the same authors that you do! Best wishes!
Raven Hart
22:14 29-03-2009
Anna Campbell
Hey, Natasja and Marisa, great website! I look forward to being a regular visitor! All the best. Anna x
22:10 29-03-2009
Cindy Miles
Hi Natasja and Marisa! What a lovely website! And thank you so much for adding me in as an author! Best of luck with your website, and Happy Reading!~ Cindy
21:24 29-03-2009
Kathryne Kennedy
I love your website and I'm so honored that you've included my books on it. Thank you so much for sharing your love of reading.
With all my very best wishes,
21:44 21-03-2009
Dames, het ziet er super uit! Lang op gewacht die update, maar het was het wachten zeker waard
Kus Alie
23:40 04-05-2008
This is a wonderful site!! I'll be popping in regulary to see what has been added!!!

Big hug
14:18 25-03-2008
Ziet er mooi uit !
Ik zal hier zeker vaak rondsnuffelen
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